Wednesday, August 02, 2006

first of many....hopefully

the aim of the blog is try to spread a disease. let me just clarify this. i mean i want to spread the word of innovative use of technology and then hope that this will spread to other teachers, or indeed anyone who works with kids/students.

please feel free to share your thoughts about any of the stuff that posted and also contribute to the discussion and good practice ideas.

so here's the first idea that i saw in a class of children that were looking at animation at a very basic level.
the technology that they used was very simple, so much so that there wasn't even a digital video camera or specific piece of software.
they were actually using a SMART interactive whiteboard. part of the software that is installed is called the SMART recorder. this is a screen recorder. the pupils placed there images and background on the page and then selcted an area of the screen to record (from the drop down menu on the recorder) and then went through their story. some of them had multiple pages for different scenes so that they could develop their stories in more depth.

a couple of the groups actually attached a microphone and recorded the audio whereas the other groups placed text on the screen to create a silent movie.

the really cool thing was that when they finished their recordings they could view their animations straight away, either through windows media player or used the SMART player.

well, that's my first post - short and sweet. let me know what you think. do you have an idea that could develop that or have you done something similar?



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